How to Practice Mindfulness with a Newborn?

Welcome a newborn baby to your family is a countless joy and a bundle of responsibilities as a parent. Making routines for changing diapers, restless nights, and milk-feeding schedules can be bound into one bundle called responsibility. It is impossible to find some moments of rest and mindfulness. But somehow, you can practice mindfulness by managing the time of the day. In this article, you will learn how to practice mindfulness with your newborn.


Live in the present moment

Mindfulness revolves around living in the present moment without considering consequences. As a new parent, you should dive into the feelings of your baby’s presence. Feel every moment with your baby, like how they breathe, feel their delicate skin and innocent smiles. Enjoy small moments like feeding your baby, the happiness of cuddling them, and changing diapers. For some moments, free yourself from past thoughts and future worries and feel your connection with your newborn.

Breathing therapy

Breathing therapy can lead you to dive into the present and your past left behind. It demands only a few minutes to take a long breath in mindfulness. For this therapy, you need any quiet corner of the house to sit, feel comfortable, and focus on your breath while inhaling or exhaling. It can be helpful for stress relief and bring calmness to your behaviour. This short practice will make your interaction with your newborn better.

Be impartial and create patience

Being a new parent, your journey is full of difficulties. By practising mindfulness, you can overcome unnecessary expectations and face reality. It would help if you expressed patience whenever your newborn is sick and doesn’t want to sleep. You should know that their requirements are different from yours.

Be busy with mindful activities

Make mindful activities part of your daily routine with your baby. For instance, during bath time, deeply feel your baby’s emotions. During feeding, make intense eye contact with your baby or hold the tiny hand in your hands and feel pleasure in the present moment. Finally, these moments will become a source of mindfulness and deep connection with your baby.

Prefer your self-care

Mindfulness is interconnected with self-care. Make time for yourself. Nurture yourself both physically and mentally. Do meditation, walk in the morning, and have a coffee cup. You will be able to care for your newborn by caring for yourself.

Focus on one task, and avoid multitasking

With your newborn, your responsibility increases over time; in such a time, refrain from indulging yourself in many tasks. Just do one job at a time. When feeding your baby, the focus must be on providing only rather than scrolling down your phone or planning other home chores. In this way, you will feel yourself at present.


Parenthood is a joyous and pleasant journey of life. By doing mindfulness practices in your daily life, you can calm yourself and take responsibility for the upbringing of your newborn baby. Enjoy every moment with your baby. Feel every touch, self-care, and bring mindfulness when interacting with your baby. This way, you will create a positive bond between you and your newborn baby and feel light as a new parent.

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