What are Massage Techniques for Newborn Babies?

Massage techniques for newborn babies have been practised in almost every culture for centuries. It creates a strong bond between mother and baby. As time passes, these techniques are getting advanced day by day. Mothers and kids are getting more emotional and physical benefits from these techniques. This article will explain what advanced massage techniques for the newborn are.


Benefits of Baby Massage

Through baby massage, the baby gets calm and is a source of communication between mother and baby. When a mother does a massage of her baby with loving touches, it creates a passion of affection for the baby in the mother. Massage relaxes the baby and helps in developing their tiny brain. It is helpful for the digestive system and eliminates discomfort due to colic pain and gas.

Transformations of Baby Massage Techniques

In every era there, massage techniques have existed. As we have a good understanding of infants’ health and development, the massage techniques are going better. Traditional massage transforms into physiotherapy and development psychology.

1. Reflexology

Reflexology is a massage technique with three reflex points in the human body. These three parts include hands, feet and ears. With the help of this technique, gentle pressure is put on these points. It relaxes the mind and body of the baby. It can cause blood circulation and make the baby feel comfortable.

2. Motion Massage Technique

This technique makes your baby physically strong, and their brain is developed. In this technique, movement of the different parts of the baby is made. It is the first milestone of development for a baby.

3. Cranosacral Massage Technique

It was first introduced in osteopathic schools; according to the experts’ a baby’s skull is soft; gentle massage from the skull bone to the pelvis can stimulate a baby’s nervous system. It brings relaxation and improves the baby’s health.

4. Aromatherapy

Massage through aromatherapy relaxes the baby. When the mother touches the baby, essential oils make the baby calm and peaceful. Lavender oil is best for its sleep-inducing properties. This therapy can enhance the sensory experience between mother and baby.

5. Acupressure Massage Technique

It is the same as the reflexology technique. With the acupressure technique, gentle pressure should be applied to some fixed points of the baby’s body. It can help relax the body, make it comfortable, and support natural healing processes.


Advanced massage techniques are a mixture of ancient traditions and modern science. They can help create a bond between parents and their newborn baby. They can be a source of relaxation in body and mind development.

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